Archive - 3/2021




The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs that according to the decision of Crisis Center for COVID-19 spread prevention measures, citizens who underwent a full course of vaccination against the new type of coronavirus infection can enter the territory of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic and do not need obtaining the Crisis Center’s permission, do not need as well undergo the PCR testing or self-isolate for 14 days. It is enough having with you the relevant documentary evidence (in a paper form) to enter the country.



An online meeting of representatives on political issues and experts on road transport from Pridnestrovie and Moldova took place.

The Pridnestrovian side initiated the meeting. It was devoted to discussing the crisis situation within the road transport that got aggravated when Moldova and Ukraine announced prohibitive measures in relation to cars possessing Pridnestrovian license plates.



Today, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR met with the heads and representatives of the diplomatic missions accredited in the Republic of Moldova.



The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR, Vitaly Ignatiev held a meeting with the delegation from the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue, headed by David Gorman, the regional director of the organization for Eurasia.

Deputy Foreign Minister of the PMR Alexander Stetsiuk and Yosha Niermeier, Project Manager of the Center for Humanitarian Dialogue in Ukraine and Moldova attended the meeting as well.

During the conversation, the parties discussed the prospects and potential of expert interaction on topical issues.