On the Meeting of Representatives on Political Issues from Pridnestrovie and Moldova with Participation of Expert (Working) Groups Members on Transport and Road Infrastructure


An online meeting of representatives on political issues and experts on road transport from Pridnestrovie and Moldova took place.

The Pridnestrovian side initiated the meeting. It was devoted to discussing the crisis situation within the road transport that got aggravated when Moldova and Ukraine announced prohibitive measures in relation to cars possessing Pridnestrovian license plates.

During the discussion, interlocutors touched point by point the provisions of the VRO assessment visit Protocol dated October 7, 2020, that the OSCE Mission has prepared, and which included 15 recorded problems that impede effectively implementing the mechanism of Pridnestrovian vehicles participating in the international road traffic. Among these problems laid as well the topic of driving licenses the participants in the meeting paid special attention to.

The meeting resulted in an agreement for the parties’ experts to intensify joint work and present specific proposals for solving the problems reflected in the mentioned protocol in the very near future.

The topic of international cargo and passenger transportation was separately and in detail discussed with the participation of the Association of Transport Workers and Road Workers of Pridnestrovie leadership. In this context, the Pridnestrovian side proposed admitting to registration in the VRO the indicated categories of vehicles as soon as possible.  

During the meeting, the Pridnestrovian delegation addressed participants in the negotiation process and appealed not to allow introducing any restrictions and barriers to the Pridnestrovian motorists’ Freedom of Movement and to assist in a prompt resolution of the entire complex of problems in the transport field.