Archive - 2015



President signed a Decree appointing Vitaly Ignatiev Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Pursuant to the signed document Vitaly Ignatiev is also entrusted with functions of Special Representative of the President for the negotiation process, interaction with diplomatic missions and international organizations. 



​The expert arrived in Pridnestrovie for intensifying the activities of the RISS Dniester-Prut Center



A working meeting between Acting Foreign Minister of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev and Head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova Michael Scanlan was held in the Foreign Ministry of the PMR.


Answer by the PMR Acting Foreign Minister to the question from the correspondent of Novosti Pridnestrovya News Agency about foreign policy results of the passing year



Editor-in-chief of the “Svobodnaya Pressa” Sergei Shargunov speaks with the Head of the MFA of Pridnestrovie



Radio 1 (PGTRK /Pridnestrovian State Enterprise “The Russian Television and Radio Company”/): Yevgeny Vasilyevich, you have already touched on the foreign policy of Ukraine and Moldova. In this regard, I would like to ask a question. Apparently, Ukraine and Moldova do everything that the life of our country was more difficult. What can we oppose this with? Thank you!


Yevgeny Shevchuk, President of Pridnestrovie: I would like to welcome you all here today in the Presidential Administration, to congratulate, first of all, on the holiday. We have today a national holiday – the Constitution of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. I congratulate all the citizens of Pridnestrovie, all the friends of Pridnestrovie who supported us and support in the difficult moments.



The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR informs about the fact of unjustified detention and thorough personal search of a Pridnestrovian official in Kishinev airport.

So, on December 20, 2015 upon returning from Moscow Co-Chairman of the Joint Control Commission from Pridnestrovie Oleg Belyakov was detained in Kishinev airport by Moldova’s border agencies for additional control measures with the so-called “view to determining whether the admittance of the Pridnestrovian representative to Moldova is possible”.


Today, on the Pridnestrovian side’s initiative the regular meeting of expert (working) groups on the development of transport and road facilities took place on December 22, 2015 in the office of the OSCE Mission in Kishinev.



The MFA of the PMR hosted a meeting of Acting Minister of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev with Head of the European Union Delegation to Moldova Pirkka Tapiola. Taking part in the meeting also was Deputy Foreign Minister of the PMR Dmitry Palamarchuk.