Archive - 10/2019




Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry reviewed the reaction of the Moldovan Political Representative Office regarding the number of Moldavian nationals residing in Pridnestrovie and notes with pleasure the sensitivity of Moldavian authorities to the position of the Pridnestrovian President, as well as citing his utterance.



Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry hosted a meeting of Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Stetsiuk and Plenipotentiary Representative of the Republic of Abkhazia in Pridnestrovie Alexander Vataman.

As a part of dialog, Alexander Stetsiuk noted that the communication with the Republic of Abkhazia is traditionally among the top priorities of the Pridnestrovian Foreign Policy. “A new Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation Between our countries was signed two years ago. Since then, it’s implementing. We’ve done a lot, but we still have to do more,” the diplomat said.