Comment of Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry On Some Statements Made by Moldovan Side


Pridnestrovian Foreign Ministry reviewed the reaction of the Moldovan Political Representative Office regarding the number of Moldavian nationals residing in Pridnestrovie and notes with pleasure the sensitivity of Moldavian authorities to the position of the Pridnestrovian President, as well as citing his utterance.

Obviously, legal rights and interests of all Pridnestrovian nationals are equally secured by the Pridnestrovian state, regardless the proportion of those having foreign passports, including Moldavian nationals. The actual permanent entry of citizens of the Republic of Moldova into the citizenship of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic is an important indicator of confidence shown to the leadership and authorities of Pridnestrovie.

We call upon the Moldavian side to focus on more active and meaningful participation in international negotiations with Pridnestrovie, instead of interpreting and manipulating statistics. The efforts shall be aimed at the earliest possible fulfillment of the obligations undertaken to tackle urgent issues in the name of the interests of all people in our republics, regardless their civil identity.