Foreign Ministry hosted a meeting with the Special Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office Ambassador Radojko Bogojević


Today, Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the PMR for International Cooperation, Foreign Minister Nina Shtanski met with the OSCE delegation headed by Special Representative of the OSCE Chairman-In-Office Ambassador Radojko Bogojević.Taking part in the meeting were Deputy Head of the OSCE Mission to Moldova, Jan Plešinger, and Deputy Foreign Minister of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev.It should be noted that this is the fourth visit of the Special Representative of the OSCE Chairman-In-Office to Pridnestrovie that the Foreign Ministry considers as an important tool in promoting dialogue between the sides of the negotiation process and establishing mutual understanding between all participants of the Permanent Conference. At the beginning of the meeting Radojko Bogojević congratulated the Pridnestrovian diplomats on the 22nd anniversary of the ministry. Nina Shtanski, in her turn, said that in response to the congratulations of the PMR's President she assured the head of state that the Pridnestrovian diplomacy would undertake increasingly intensive efforts, inter alia on the negotiation track.Nina Shtanski thanked the Special Representative of the OSCE Chairman-In-Office for his visit to Pridnestrovie stressing that sustainable interaction between the OSCE Chairmanship and the Pridnestrovian side helps to the whole negotiation process. She expressed gratitude for the efforts of the OSCE Chairmanship characterizing it as “a bridge which helps to maintain interaction between Pridnestrovie and Moldova at a proper level”.The central issue was the prospects for organization of the regular meeting of the Permanent Conference. The OSCE Chairmanship, as is known, proposed to hold a 5+2 meeting in July of this year. However, the delegations of Pridnestrovie and Russia proposed to postpone the date of the negotiation round for September 2014. Nina Shtanski clarified that the position relates to the fact that an appropriate preparation is need to hold substantive discussions during the upcoming meeting, but unfortunately, the representatives on political issues have not met in the bilateral format since April 19 of this year.Nina Shtanski stated that the responsibility before the Pridnestrovian society imposes on the Pridnestrovian delegation the obligation to ensure efficiency of the meetings. In her opinion, the draft decisions need to be carefully considered at the level of the expert groups on education, social welfare, and economy. The Special Representative of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office, in his turn, expressed agreement with Pridnestrovie's approach proposing to hold the next meeting of the Permanent Conference in September of this year.  In the course of the meeting a particular attention was drawn to functioning of the Romanian schools in Pridnestrovie. Nina Shtanski noted that it seems today that the Moldovan side does its best in order to provoke Pridnestrovie into closing these institutions. Particularly, the Moldovan side violates the agreement on providing documents which prove the purpose funds spending by the lyceum “Lucian Blaga” seized when attempting to carry them into Pridnestrovie, but returned subsequently to the director of the lyceum; the Romanian schools in Dubossary District of Pridnestrovie do not pay rent of providing premises, although Pridnestrovie agreed to accept the payments under these documents with “Moldovan seals”; the Moldovan side cannot define any position on the problem of returning pension contributions of the Romanian schools staff to the local budgets of Pridnestrovie over the past six months.  In the framework of the discussions the sides touched upon the issues relating to the land use in Dubossary District of the PMR, the joint project on reconstruction of waste water treatment facilities and collector system in Dubossary and Kriulyany, the need to promote the dialogue on the guarantees in the negotiation process and the analysis of the previously reached agreements .Nina Shtanski and Radojko Bogojević also discussed a number of issues concerning the prospects of further cooperation between Pridnestrovie and the OSCE, including the Mission of the OSCE to Moldova.