The Head of PMR’s MFA Participated in Festivities, Dedicated to Independence Day of Ukraine

The Head of PMR’s MFA Participated in Festivities, Dedicated to Independence Day of Ukraine

Today PMR's Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Yastrebchak participated in solemn events, dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of Independence of Ukraine and National Flag Day, held in Pridnestrovie. 

PMR's Foreign Minister together with the delegation of Ukrainian Embassy and representatives of Ukrainian communities laid flowers at commemorative token for the 300th Anniversary of Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk, placed in Bendery fortress.

The festivities were continued in Pridnestrovien State University, named after famous Ukrainian poet and writer Taras Shevtchenko. In PSU Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Moldova Sergey Pirozhkov met with University's Rector Stepan Beril and representatives of Ukrainian community. PMR's Minister of Foreign Affairs also participated in the meeting.

The concert of children creative teams, held by the monument to Shevtchenko on the territory of the University, continued the events. Solemn flower-laying ceremony took place after the concert.

Vladimir Yastrebchak sent PMR's MFA testimonial to Embassy of Ukraine, where declaration of independence of Ukrainian state is called “historical event, which opened new stage in the process of political and spiritual establishment of the nation”. The Head of PMR's MFA pointed, that Ukraine “proved, that it is capable to pursue independent policy, proceeding from its own national interests, to protect the rights of its compatriots abroad, to pursue opened and balanced foreign policy, taking into account historical traditions and contemporary realities”. According to Minister, Pridnestrovie is connected with Ukraine by deep historical and cultural ties and close economic relations. The Head of PMR's MFA also marked, that more than two hundred thousand of the Pridnestroviens consider Ukraine to be their own state and count on its support. Vladimir Yastrebchak thanked Sergey Pirozhkov for “constant attention to the needs of compatriots, for successful implementation of humanitarian projects, which were created in order to preserve and to develop Ukrainian language and culture”.