Comment by Press Service of MFA PMR


We have closely read the statements of the Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Russian Federation Committee on Foreign Affairs Vladimir Djabarov about the history and prospects of conflict resolution between Moldova and Pridnestrovie.

The Pridnestrovian Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the increasing interest of the Russian Federation officials to the current situation within the Moldovan-Pridnestrovian relations, and considers that such an attention will help to solve a range of current issues moderating the implementation of the Pridnestrovians’ rights and interests, including more than 220,000 Russian nationals.

We are absolutely confident that achieving a sustainable and comprehensive conflict resolution is only possible based on a full understanding of its genesis, considering the longstanding period of negotiation process and the specific current situation. It should be mentioned, that after the armed aggression of Moldova, which claimed the lives of more than 800 people, Pridnestrovie fixed a legislated mechanism aimed at finding a form of state legal interaction with Moldova. The choice of independence and unity with the Russian Federation made by the people of Pridnestrovie within a nationwide referendum in 2006 became the only possible at the time when Kishinev was torpedoing Russian initiatives regarding the settlement, destroying the international negotiation mechanism and launching the economic blockade.

It is well known that, lately, the settlement got worse because Moldova refused to fulfill previously reached agreements and sign the final protocol of the 5+2 format meeting in Bratislava, also, because Kishinev generated new problems in banking issues, imports of goods and land use.

Therefore, no alternatives exist for the present international format dialogue and no other ways to improve the lives of people but to reach and strictly adhere the particular decisions. 

We welcome that a Russian representative understands three new generations of Moldova and Pridnestrovie have grown during these almost three decades living within their own, separately existing countries.

It was concern regarding future generations that prompted Pridnestrovians to defend their freedom, to fight for legal rights and self-determination. That is namely why, there are no doubts that the population of Pridnestrovie is to determine a final model of building relations with Moldova.