Statement of the Chairman of the PMR’s Government on railway blockade of Pridnestrovie


Today, the Presidential Administration, the Government of the PMR hosted meetings with the participation of some economic entities of the Republic. The discussions were devoted to the situation with the import of goods through railway in Pridnestrovie.

Currently the movement of imported goods through Kuchurgan-export stations and Slobodka-export stations is blocked. In this regard, a number of socially important goods, fuels and lubricants cannot be supplied in Pridnestrovie that can provoke a fuel crisis in the coming weeks. Import of other categories of goods is significantly hampered by the need to carry out unreasonable customs clearance in Moldova bodies, as well as by multiple increases in tariffs and the poor state of the rolling stock of the Republic of Moldova.

The decision taken by the heads of railways of Ukraine and Moldova is politically motivated, does violence to the agreements of the negotiating process. The Pridnestrovian side considers this as an attempt to hold railway imports in hand and transfer it to the jurisdiction of the Republic of Moldova. Such measures are an element of the ongoing economic war against Pridnestrovie, where economic security of the state and well-being of its citizens are attacked. These are the medieval methods that do not correspond to modern canons of a civilized dialogue.

Throughout the year the Pridnestrovian side using political and diplomatic methods has tried to find solutions for stable imports in Pridnestrovie, but all constructive proposals have been ignored by the representatives of the Republic of Moldova. In turn, the Ukrainian authorities essentially refused any contact with Pridnestrovie on this matter.

In such circumstances, Pridnestrovie will have to take adequate measures to influence the situation with a view to return the Ukrainian and Moldovan colleagues onto the track of negotiations. They cannot speak to us the language of blackmail and threats. Today, I tasked a number of specialized institutions to take measures of customs nature, tariff and non-tariff regulation, tighten safety requirements for locomotives of Ukraine and Moldova in the near future. We consider a possibility of further rate hikes for the so-called ‘Romanian transit’, as well as the introduction of additional customs control on the route of goods in transit through the territory of Pridnestrovie as consistent with the Pridnestrovian law.

Pridnestrovie declares openly that it will not allow infringement of the interests of the Pridnestrovian railway and enterprises. We will contact the Pridnestrovian enterprises, civil society organizations, national communities of Pridnestrovie, to bring the latest information on developments in the situation with a view to mobilize the public in facing common challenges for the protection of state interests.

At the same time we are open to continue the dialogue with the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, if such interest is finally shown, on the entire range of railway issues on the basis of common sense and mutual consideration of interests.

The railway is an important lifeline through which goods of many states are moving. If someone has decided to improve its own situation at the expense of the interests of the Pridnestrovian side, then I hasten to assure you that it is a road to nowhere. If a destructive element is intentionally introduced in this system and there is a disregard for the interests of a participant, those who make such decisions must be ready to be responsible for the consequences.

Source: website of the Government of the PMR