“Unity of People of Russia and Pridnestrovie – It is Rightly. We Believe in Common Joint Future!” – Evgeny Shevchuk

“Unity of People of Russia and Pridnestrovie – It is Rightly. We Believe in Common Joint Future!” – Evgeny Shevchuk

Today, a scientific presentation of the Pridnestrovian history “Russian world on the Dniester. The historical and strategic context of the Russian influence in Pridnestrovie” took place within the opening of the exposition “Pridnestrovie – a Russian boundary!” in the Central Armed Forces Museum of the RF.  President of Pridnestrovie Yevgeny Shevchuk and Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Special Representative of the President of Russia for Pridnestrovie Dmitry Rogozin delivered welcoming addresses to the guests of honour and visitors.

Yevgeny Shevchuk:  Dear Dmitry Olegovich, Alexander Konstantinovich, ladies and gentlemen! The history of lands incorporated in contemporary Pridnestrovie, is a part of Russia's history. The Pridnestrovian land is soaked with blood of the soldiers of the Russian Army who liberated ancient Slavonic lands from foreign encroachments. Pridnestrovie is surrounded by the glory of Russian soldiers, splendid victories of the Russian generals – Suvorov, Potemkin, Rumyantsev, Kutuzov, the legendary compatriot Peter Wittgenstein, by the diplomatic efforts of Potemkin and Ekaterina. The experience of modern living and dynamic developing under the auspices of the great Russia has become a solid foundation of interethnic concord of Pridnestrovie, of maintaining of the spirit of fraternity and mutual support of all people living in our lands. Peoples settled in Pridnestrovian lands participated in repelling aggression against Russia during the Crimean War, the Patriotic war of 1812, in military campaigns in the Balkans. There was a Romanian terror against the citizens of Bendery in 1918, genocide of Jews in Dubossary during the Great Patriotic War. Burning citizens of Rybnitsa by Romanian-fascist invaders in 1943 is illustrative. The genocide of the Pridnestrovians in 1991 and 1992 by Moldo-Romanian nationalists, when more than 800 Pridnestrovian people perished at the hands of aggressors, did not break the will of the Pridnestrovian people who remembered, remember and honour their historical roots. The war in Pridnestrovie provoked in 1991-1992 by Moldovan and Romanian nationalists, tragedy of the Pridnestrovian people were aimed at transformation the attitude of the Pridnestrovians to Russian language, history, Homeland and the Great Russia.

While being in the Museum of the Russian Army, special note can be taken of a number of historical facts. During the World Patriotic War more than 50 Pridnestrovians, inhabitants of the Pridnestrovian lands perished at the hands of the German fascist invaders. Natives of our lands were recognized as Heroes of the Soviet Union. Two were awarded Full Cavalier of the Order of Glory.  This is more than in the whole former Soviet Moldavia.

All years of modern development of Pridnestrovie – it is almost a quarter century – external forces continue with its efforts by weapons, then by economic, diplomatic, information wars to burn, rewrite the history and drag the Pridnestrovian people into the space of Romania, alien to us, which covers more densely the contemporary Bessarabian Moldova.

Taking the opportunity, I would like to express gratitude to our Russian friends, statesmen, diplomats, scientists, military people, all those for whom history, compatriots are not empty words. I would like to thank all those whose efforts have made possible this exposition.  The fine threads of our commonhistory, spiritual renewal and unity of peoples of Russia and Pridnestrovie – it is rightly. We believe in our common joint future! Thank you!

Dmitry Rogozin: We are viewed in Pridnestrovie as envoys of Russia and of the Russian President. This is the most important assessment of the extensive work carrying out by the RF to protect their compatriots, to protect and develop the Russian world.

I remember this museum when I was a schoolboy. We came here to excursions. I was raised in the family with big military traditions, military family. It was of great interest and significance for us. Now, the museum plays its special role in military supporting and, in general, of the common history of the Pridnestrovian region, the Pridnestrovian republic. Indeed, during the history of our Fatherland there were powerful dramas in the Pridnestrovian land. That territory was always a ground of battle for geopolitical might. It was a border of the Russian Power that often changed, moved now further west, then further east. At first, under the pressure of aggressors, enemies, then under the pressure of Russian warriors who rebuilt the status quo.  

Today, one understanding is very important for us. You know, we say sometimes: “when the chips are down”, until some dramatic, bloody event happens, we will not remember what we have our obligations, our big timeless interests. It has been flared up in Ukraine. And we see well what Russia's interests are and what it tries to do in order to protect the Russian-speaking people, or to be more precise, the Russian population of Ukraine, in order to preserve people's rights - a right to human national dignity of our people living in Ukraine. I do wish that we would not wait until some dramatic events come in Pridnestrovie in order to remember the PMR.  Everything we do under Russian President's instructions today (he watches constantly what is going on in the Pridnestrovian region, is interested in all news, events taking place there) we do that the situation in Pridnestrovie is stable, that people may see their future. Russia makes a great contribution to it, as well as through non-governmental organizations such as the “Eurasian integration”.  New social sites are built in Pridnestrovie today. What are they? First of all, those sites which relate to the future of Pridnestrovie – these are schools, nursery, and hospitals. Today Russia invests in the future, in Pridnestrovian children, in their health, in the health of their mothers and parents, in the health of our greatly-esteemed older people. Why does Russia take such steps? Because it believes in Pridnestrovie and thus demonstrating that it will never go away from Pridenstrovie, because our citizens live there.

Honouring our Armed Forces, our glorious history, military history of our country here, in the museum, it is, probably, necessary to use every opportunity, every chance in order to say once again through the media to all those who think different from us: “Do not meddle in Pridnestrovie. Do not try to launch hysterics at the border. Do not whip up tension in Pridnestrovie. Because Russia's citizens live there. And do not have any illusions whether Russia will defend its own citizens? It will, definitely. And do not try our patience, our strength. I want to say only one thing: we will fulfil our duty to the end. We will do everything that in accordance with international obligations the Russian Federation is a reliable, stable peacekeeper and partner of Tiraspol and, by the way, of Kishinev. Because there are also many people there who treat Russia with interest, imperishable liking and love. Why do I say this? Because a year or one and a half ago, when we celebrated May 9th in Kishinev I saw 100 thousand people on the central square of the capital of Moldova who welcomed envoys of Russia, artists who came from Russia. For that reason, it must be understood that our adversaries, yes, they are hyperactive, but they are actually in a minority and most people always stand for peace, security, and they sees their future together with Russia in alliance with Russia, with the Customs Union, the Eurasian Union.  It should be understood. That is why the main thing that we should affirmand demonstrate today is absolute confidence in the future. We have a Great History. And today's exhibition shows this Great history of Pridnestrovie and Russia, of the Russian people on the whole and peoples connected with Russia. The Great Empire, the Great Union have always had the united alliance. Those who know their own history, they see their future, stable, happy future of our children.”

Thank you for this exposition, I thank all organizers. I welcome all our Pridnestrovian friends, the President of Pridnestrovie, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, and all comrades who have arrived in Moscow today. Live long and happy, in full safety. Russia is with you! Thank you!    

Material resource: http://president.gospmr.ru/ru/news/edinenie-narodov-rossii-i-pridnestrovya-eto-spravedlivo-my-verim-v-obshchee-sovmestnoe