Nina Shtanski, “2013 Became a Year of Meaningful Regional Changes”

Nina Shtanski, “2013 Became a Year of Meaningful Regional Changes”

Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the PMR for International Cooperation, Foreign Minister of the PMR Nina Shtanski congratulated the readers of the republican newspaper “Pridnestrovie” on the occasion of the New Year and Christmas. Following is the full text of congratulatory address:

Dear readers of “Pridnestrovie”!

I extend my warmest congratulations on the occasion of a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!

The year 2013 will remain in the memory of diplomats and people interested in foreign policy as a period of meaningful regional changes.  We all closely followed the situation in Moldova and Ukraine because our friends, colleagues, relatives live there, and we care about their future. The results achieved by our neighbours will determine largely the format of future relations with these states. At the same time, I'm sure that good-neighbourly relations and years-long friendly connections will not only be maintained between peoples of our republics, but will keep strengthening as before, regardless the conjuncture of international policy.  

This year will be remembered for a momentous event that is the signing of the “Rogozin-Shevchuk” Protocol. The work on the Protocol was managed throughout the year. This document gives plenty of opportunities for initiations of connections between Pridnestrovie and Russia at the interdepartmental level and for realization of practically oriented projects in social and economic, trade, humanitarian, educational and information spheres. Therefore, we managed to advance essentially in building direct cooperation with the Russian Federation.

Ukrainian OSCE Chairmanship and the negotiation process as a whole brought some good news. We managed to sign a number of agreements on pension coverage, freedom of movement, and ecology. However, some difficulties remain in relations between the sides which we will have to overcome together over the years ahead. 

In New Year 2014 the team of Pridnestrovian diplomats proceeds with the work on realization of the main Pridnestrovian strategic goal – Eurasian integration. Due to successful information policy of the Ministry we were able to enter the Russian information space where people learnt about our Republic and its development vector. We are faced with the task to turn media capital into real decisions and to implement real social and economic projects which will help improve our people's lives.

The results that PMR's MFA achieved in 2013 are also the merit of the well-coordinated work of representatives of other republican authorities, our foreign partners, and, of course, citizens who supported the foreign policy course.

Dear Pridnestrovian people! May 2014 bring only good news into your homes, help realize innermost desires, and be successful for you and your families.

Peace and prosperity to all of us!