Vitaly Ignatiev answers questions from journalists of the Turkish television channel “360 TV”


Interview with Acting Foreign Minister of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev to the Turkish television crew “360 TV” was held at the PMR's MFA. The journalists were interested in the situation in Pridnestrovie, the nature of relations with the Republic of Moldova at the present stage, as well as some facts about the history of the Pridnestrovian state.

Asked about the role of Russia in the settlement of Moldova-Pridnestrovie conflict, Vitaly Ignatiev said that it was thanks to the actions of Russia the peace in Pridnestrovie was kept for over 23 years.

“The Russian Federation is the country that with its active participation actually prevented the growth of the military conflict between Moldova and Pridnestrovie. In the summer of 1992 Russian peacekeeping forces were brought into the area of combat operation, at that time an agreement on the principles of peaceful settlement of the conflict was signed, and from that time between Moldova and Pridnestrovie the complicated but peaceful dialogue in the framework of the negotiation process is being conducted,” - he stressed.

During the interview the diplomat also highlighted a number of topical issues of concern in the relations with the Republic of Moldova, including in the context of unilateral blockade measures applied by Moldova to Pridnestrovie.