Statement by the Press Service of the PMR Foreign Ministry


​The PMR Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports about the destructive actions of power structures of the Republic of Moldova against Pridnestrovian officials.

On December 6, 2015 Acting Health Minister of the PMR Tatyana Skrypnik departing on a working trip from the airport in Kishinev was subjected to the procedure of enhanced personal inspection without explanation. The Acting Minister was subjected to a similar humiliating procedure when returning from a trip on December 9, 2015.

It should be noted that on November 27, 2015 the Pridnestrovian side addressed to Representative on Political Issues of the Republic of Moldova Victor Osipov, as well as all participants in the negotiation process in the “5+2” format in connection with the same unfounded actions of the RM power forces against PMR Acting Prime Minister Maiya Parnas and PMR Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources Andrei Kirsta.

The Pridnestrovian side expresses its extreme concern about the fact that since recently almost all travel of representatives of the PMR authorities through Kishinev airport are accompanied by enhanced checks, including body searches and full check of baggage.

Pridnestrovie regards the facts of unjustified personal inspection of members of the PMR Government as targeted actions humiliating honour and dignity of the representatives of authorities of the republic. Moreover, such measures are a crude attempt to exert political pressure on the participants of settlement process, because many officials are heads of relevant expert (working) groups of Pridnestrovie which is an integral part of the negotiation mechanism.

The actions of RM law enforcement bodies are demonstratively provocative, undermine the foundations of mutual understanding and are an additional obstacle in the way of building a full-fledged dialogue between the parties.

We call on the Moldovan side to stop such acts of personal pressure provoking tension between the parties.

The PMR Foreign Ministry will inform all participants of the “Permanent Conference ...” about the incident.