Interactive Project of the Council of Young Diplomats to Be Broadly Supported

Interactive Project of the Council of Young Diplomats to Be Broadly Supported
Interactive Project of the Council of Young Diplomats to Be Broadly Supported

In the course of today's presentation of interactive project Eurasian Youth Internet Conference, a constructive exchange of views took place. Senior officials of the foreign agency and guests of the event positively assessed the idea presented by young diplomats.

“Eurasian integration is a perspective subject. Pridnestrovie and other actors seeking involvement in integration processes are now at the stage of shaping and defining it. Therefore, ideas and thoughts to be voiced in the course of work may form the basis of real mechanisms of integration,” Deputy Foreign Minister of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev told. In his opinion, it is important that active part of the Pridnestrovian youth not only generate ideas but also exchange their ideas with equals in age from other states – Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Abkhazia, Ossetia, and Nagorny Karabakh. “Efforts of the young, civil, and public diplomacy are extremely pressing and important for us,” he stressed. In this connection, the diplomat promised his young colleagues attention, support and assistance in project implementation.

Head of the Press Service of the PMR's MFA Igor Shornikov considers the project launched to be the first step to activate youth initiative towards Eurasian integration. “Eurasian integration is to be accomplished by young people. Young people are the ones who can now implement new ideas for the sake of their future and the future of their children. Young people will have to build the society they want to live in. The idea of Eurasian integration, as we see it, offers the swing and the scope needed for the young people for their self-actualization,” he noted.

Representative of PMR's Presidential Administration Inga Kuzenko characterized the project as a creative one. In her words, it will receive broad information support in future in view of high topicality of the Eurasian integration. Inga Kuzenko expressed her interest towards participation in further meetings of the Council of Young Diplomats of the PMR's MFA dedicated to project implementation.

Apart from representatives of public authorities, representatives of civil society were also invited to this presentation. In particular, the event was attended by representatives of public organization “Association of Slavic People “Alatyr”, republican socio-patriotic movement “Recognition”, Revival political party, Republican Youth Assembly, republican movement “Commonwealth of Young People”, and the Pridnestrovian Communist Party. Some of them expressed support to the presented project.  In particular, chairperson of the Republican Movement “Commonwealth of Young People” Mariya Redekop expressed willingness to get actively involved in its implementation. “We will participate in it because new possibilities of broader communication with young people of the post-soviet space open before us.”Chairman of public organization “Association of Slavic People “Alatyr” Yury Zotov voiced his intention to be a co-organizer of the international youth forum which could be held in furtherance of the Eurasian Youth Internet Conference. Readiness to participate in the forum was also expressed by a leader of the Republican Youth Assembly Aleksandra Gorodetskaya. “When the work is completed, it would be excellent to invite participants to the forum in order to have a meaningful discussion, to share ideas, to defend one's point of view or to debate on something. It is important to give participants the possibility to share the views”.  

Participants of the presentation which took place today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR are deliberate to use their own resources to make this project large-scale.