Meeting of the expert (working) groups of Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova on ecology


​Today, June 15, 2016, the Kishinev office of the OSCE Mission, hosted a regular meeting of the expert (working) groups of Pridnestrovie and Moldova on ecology in the presence of representatives of the mediators and observers.

Pursuant to the arrangements reached following the results of the “Permanent Conference...” meeting in the 5+2 format held in Berlin on 2-3 June this year, as well as based on the results of the experts meeting of 10 June 2016 the parties signed Protocol on cooperation of Pridnestrovie and Moldova in the field of fishery management and sustainable use of aquatic biological resources of the Dniester. Thus, the parties have executed item 4 of Protocol on the results of the “Permanent Conference” meeting on 2-3 June 2016.  

The Pridnestrovian side hopes that with assistance of international mediators and observers the parties will be able to achieve concrete solutions on other topical issues of concern, enshrined in that document.