Mediators and observers call on the parties to step up the dialogue at the level of representatives on political issues and expert (working) groups


Following the visit that took place on 5-6 April to Pridnestrovie and Moldova the delegation of mediators and observers in the “Permanent Conference ...” in the 5+2 format has adopted a communiqué.

The brief statement posted on the official website of the OSCE reads that the mediators and observers were encouraged by the commitment shown by Kishinev and Tiraspol to reinvigorate the dialogue.

External participants of the 5+2 format also urged the sides “to hold 1+1 meetings of the chief negotiators on an active basis, accompanied by frequent and substantive discussions within the Working Groups format”. The mediators and observers spoke about the readiness to organize the next meeting of “Permanent Conference ...” in the 5+2 format in Berlin in the next two months, “with the commitment and co-operation of the sides”.