Meeting of Representatives on Political Issues of Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova was held in Tiraspol

Meeting of Representatives on Political Issues of Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova was held in Tiraspol

Today, the Tiraspol office of the OSCE Mission in Moldova hosted a regular meeting between representatives on political issues of Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova Nina Shtanski and Yevgeny Karpov. The meeting was held with the participation of expert (working) groups on education and tax officials of the parties.

Key issues of the meeting agenda were issues in the sphere of education, in particular, the issue of legalization of Pridnestrovian documents on education, as well as a number of relevant aspects of functioning of Moldovan schools with Romanian language of instruction on the territory of Pridnestrovie. As the political representative of Pridnestrovie Nina Shtanski reported, talking to journalists after a meeting: the parties managed to move forward on both aspects. According to her, at the moment European experts has developed a number of recommendations designed to solve the problem of legalization of Pridnestrovian documents on education. In the near future, these recommendations will be sent to Pridnestrovie and Moldova.

During the meeting, political representatives and specialized experts discussed the results of joint inspections, previously conducted upon an initiative of Pridnestrovie in Romanian schools on the territory of the PMR. It is instructive to recall that in these schools have been identified serious violations, which threaten the health and safety of children, including those related to fire safety and the provision of drinking water for some institutions. “Today, we received assurances from Moldovan side that almost all of the violations had been fixed. We also received written information with a list of works that had been carried out in these schools, and our experts had agreed in the near future to carry out repeated inspections in order to ensure complete elimination of these violations,”- said Nina Shtanski.

Political representatives and experts also discussed in details the issue of rent payment by two Romanian schools in Dubossary District. "At the moment, these schools have substantial debt, but has already concluded a lease agreement, defined its value, and we have received assurances from the Moldovan side that the payment will be made ​​before the beginning of the school year. Thus, the possibility of disruption of the educational process on September 1 will be eliminated,"- noted the head of the Pridnestrovian diplomacy.

Within the framework of the discussion on education issues, sides exchanged their views on the future format of the document, which establishes regulations for Romanian schools operation in Pridnestrovie. During today\'s meeting, the sides began a substantive discussion of the issue of the payment of relevant taxes to Pridnestrovian budgets and funds by the employees of these schools along with other citizens of the republic, as they are the recipients of government benefits and pensions in Pridnestrovie. "We have started constructive interaction on this issue. Pridnestrovie voiced several solutions to the problem. Today, teachers pay taxes to the budget of the Republic of Moldova, but despite they live in Pridnestrovie and receive our health care and social benefits for free. We are looking for a mechanism that will ensure the deposit of taxes, taken by the Republic of Moldova from the wages of the teachers, to the budgets of  Pridnestrovie, which, in our opinion, will not let teachers the teachers become hostages of this unresolved situation ", - said Nina Shtanski.

Next week representatives of expert groups will meet to discuss a range of issues, particularly, taxation of employees of Romanian schools in Pridnestrovie.

The next meeting of the political representatives of Pridnestrovie and Moldova is expected to take place on August 25 in Chisinau.