Statement by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic


On February 17, 2008, the Parliament of Kosovo declared the region independent. According to information from diplomatic sources and the media, the USA and their partners in Europe have already stated their willingness to recognize Kosovo's independence.

These developments are a natural result of the expansion policies, the US and NATO conducted in the South-Eastern Europe during last decade. Seeking to achieve their politico-military, geostrategic, economic interests, the United States brought an unprecedented pressure on the Serbian leadership, imposed initiatives and proposals, which ran counter to basic provisions of  international law.

As a result, by “club law”, the conditions have been created to review borders in Europe and change the world order, formed after the adoption of the СSCE Final Helsinki Act.

Pridnestrovie has closely followed the developments around the Autonomous Region of Kosovo and Metohija, although the Pridnestrovien state's future has never been associated in Pridnestrovie with any decision on Kosovo. The Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic as a sovereign independent state, with functioning democratic institutes of state power, sustainable economy, and developed civil society, was established before the 1998-1999 well-known developments in Kosovo, and under the norms of international and national law, on the basis of objective political, economic, social and demographic, military, and other premises.

The Pridnestrovien independence was declared through general referenda held on the basis of universal free vote in 1990-1991, sustained by adoption of the Constitution of PMR during the referendum in 1995, and at the referendum in 2006.

All institutes of state power in Pridnestrovie were established through direct expression of will of people of the Republic, and not through total external management. That is why the Pridnestrovien experience is the one that can be used for further state-building in Kosovo.

Nevertheless, the declaration and recognition of Kosovo are of fundamental importance, since thereby a new conflict settlement model has been established, based on the priority of people's right to self-determination. Pridnestrovie holds that this model should be applicable to all conflicts which have similar political, legal, and economic bases.

In the circumstances, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic considers an early international recognition of Pridnestrovien independence to be a final stage of a peaceful and just settlement of Moldova-Pridnestrovie conflict, a contribution of the international community to strengthening regional stability and security.