Nina Shtanski: Unrecognized Pridnestrovie is a Direct Result of "Double Standards”


The interview of the Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the PMR for International Cooperation, Foreign Minister Nina Shtanski to the crew of the largest South Korean broadcasting company (Korean Broadcasting System) took place in the MFA of the PMR today.

Asked about the prospects for the legal recognition of Pridnestrovie, Nina Shtanski reminded that peoples’ right to self-determination was enshrined in a number of fundamental international documents.

“Dominant document in the system of international law is the UN Charter which enshrines the right of peoples to decide their own destiny. Unfortunately, this principle is implemented selectively by the international community. Even a cursory analysis of the situation suggests that Pridnestrovie was established as a state much more than, for example, Kosovo. Furthermore, the establishment of the republic was originally based on public consensus, nationwide referenda the purpose of which was to reveal the will of the people were repeatedly held in Pridnestrovie. Unrecognized Pridnestrovie is a direct result of "double standards”, which, unfortunately, are widespread in the world today,” – emphasized the Diplomat.

The outcome of the work of the KBS crew ​​in Pridnestrovie will be a documentary about the country, which will be shown on television in South Korea in January 2015.