Shtanski Justifies the Claims of Pridnestrovie in Criminal Cases


In 2014 the prosecution authorities of the Republic of Moldova revived the extremely negative and unfriendly practices of initiating politically motivated criminal cases against officials of Pridnestrovie while exercising their functions”- said Foreign Minister of Pridnestrovie Nina Shtanski in an exclusive comment to

In her view “such aggressive, unilateral measures had virtually not occurred in the past few years, however about 15 such cases, only according to the information available to us, was already initiated in 2014. The Chairperson of the Government, the Minister of Agriculture and Natural Resources, and the Minister of Internal Affairs who directly involved in the negotiation process and do not take decisions related to it, are subjected to the criminal prosecution in Moldova. There was a place in criminal proceedings of the RM for the Deputy Head of the State Administration of Dubossary district and Dubossary city, which provided assistance to Moldovan land users in exporting crops.”

It is with these measures Nina Shtanski associates that “the work of three expert (working) groups actually was blocked already, against the leaders and members of whom unwarranted prosecution of the RM was initiated. The officials of Pridnestrovie are accused that they allegedly “illegally usurped the position and authority of the official” and “abuse of power” that, in essence, is absurd and is deprived of any logic, and, of course, is inconsistent with the system of cooperation between Pridnestrovian and Moldovan specialists in different areas, built with the help of our international partners.

Nina Shtanski warns that “the use of methods of sanctions and pressure, repressive instruments against Pridnestrovie” could lead to “building mistrust between the parties”. Under these conditions, “Pridnestrovie has not confirmed its readiness to participate in a regular meeting of the" Permanent meeting”.

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