Vitaly Ignatiev Met with Brad Freden, Director of Office for Eastern European Affairs at the U.S. State Department


The Foreign Ministry of Pridnestrovie hosted a meeting between Minister Vitaly Ignatiev and USA delegation headed by Brad Freden, Director of Office for Eastern European Affairs at the U.S. State Department.

Opening the meeting, Vitaly Ignatiev underlined the systematic interaction on various issues between the Pridnestrovian and American Sides. “We appreciate that, being an observer in the international 5+2 consultation format, the USA pays attention to the negotiating process. We have an interesting experience of the bilateral cooperation on cultural and humanitarian issues. The Center of American Language and Culture successfully operates at the Pridnestrovian State University. The film festivals and music performances are held in Pridnestrovie. We believe that these events promote an atmosphere of understanding. But nothing can replace the direct exchange of views on topical issues. That is why we are interested in this work contacts,” noted the diplomat.

During the meeting, interlocutors discussed the situation in the negotiating process between Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova. Vitaly Ignatiev told in details about current pressing issues in telecommunication, politically motivated criminal cases, interbank cooperation, freight railway communication and others. Foreign Minister confirmed the low dialog dynamics because of political process in neighboring state and flagged the need for greater international participation in the negotiation process. In this context, the diplomats discussed the prospects for holding the next meeting in the 5+2 format.

Concluding the meeting, the sides agreed to maintain contacts on issues of mutual interest.