Information and Press Department of the Russia’s MFA: Coordinated Actions by Moldova and Ukraine to Implement the Economic and Transport Blockade of Pridnestrovie will Cost the Escalation of the Situation


Information and Press Department of Russia\'s MFA made a commentary on the current situation around the Pridnestrovian settlement. It is noted with concern that the actions aimed at destabilizing the situation in the country will be regarded as unfriendly towards Russia. The full comment is given below.


 “We are following the development of the situation around the Pridnestrovie peace process with concern. Coordinated actions by Moldova and Ukraine to implement the economic and transport blockade of Pridnestrovie in the attempt to force it to climb down in the negotiation process, refuse from foreign policy priorities will cost the escalation of the situation around this region. In parallel, at summit level Kishinev makes appeals for the removal of Russian troops, another splash of discussions regarding the need to change the status of the peace-keeping operation on the Dniester, to transform it into some civil mission is observed. Against this backdrop, the degree of discussion within the framework of the Joint Control Commission is raised artificially. Under the pretext of Ukrainian events, they create obstacles for communication with the left bank of Dniester through the Ukrainian territory. There are threats of denunciation of respective Russian-Ukrainian agreements. Throws of disinformation into the mass media regarding alleged supplies of weapons from Pridnestrovie to the conflict area in the South-East of Ukraine continue. The works to build an excavated anticrossing ditch in the Pridnestrovian section of the Moldavian-Ukrainian border, which Kiev started “for security purposes”, provokes escalation of tensions. As we warned our partners in the negotiation process – Ukrainian, OSCE representatives, as well as USA and European Union observers – today all the mentioned trust-destroying actions can become a deadlock in the negotiation process. Kishinev and Kiev should be aware about their direct responsibility for the potential negative consequences of the step they make to spin the situation. As to Russian peacekeepers, they ensure security in the area of their responsibility on an international legal basis and a respective mandate. They fulfil their mission in good faith and unselfishly. They are strong not because of their number, but because of the trust they have earned among the population. Any non-constructive actions aimed at destabilisation of the situation in the region, any attempts to squeeze Russian forces, which are part of Joint Peacekeeping Forces, from Pridnestrovie, will be perceived as unfriendly actions against Russia, which disrupt the foundations of the peace-keeping operation on Dniester and are contrary to the letter and spirit of the Agreement on friendship and cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Moldova”.