Vitaly Ignatiev met with a delegation of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly


The PMR’s MFA hosted a meeting between Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs Vitaly Ignatiev and Co-Rapporteurs of the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly on Moldova Valentina Leskaj and Ogmundur Jonasson.   

The sides discussed a number of topical aspects of the ongoing negotiation process between Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova. In this context, Vitaly Ignatiev drew attention of the interlocutors to the results of the Berlin meeting of the “Permanent Conference...” in the 5+2 format on June 2-3 this year, which resulted in the signing of the Protocol with “seven items on seven concrete problems” in relations between the PMR and the RM, including in the area of ​​politically motivated criminal prosecutions, guarantees for the implementation of the agreements reached, education, transport and environment.

The Head of the PMR’s Foreign Ministry reminded that the Pridnestrovian side had presented comprehensive draft agreements in all the areas reflected in the Protocol. According to the diplomat, these problems resolving is now complicated by attempts of the Moldovan side to introduce a political component, even in matters of purely social and humanitarian nature, such as the apostilization of diplomas of higher education issued in Pridnestrovie and free movement of motor transport.

Vitaly Ignatiev stressed the importance of including in the final report an item on the subject of criminal cases, as the wording enshrined in the document significantly reduces the possibility of the Moldovan side to simulate absence of this problem. However, the Head of the PMR’s MFA drew attention to the fact that during 24 June meeting of expert (working) groups on the termination of criminal cases representatives of the Republic of Moldova once again refused to provide an updated list of existing criminal cases showing lack of political will and unwillingness to work substantively as part of the commitments outlined in the course of the Berlin meeting of the 5+2. The Pridnestrovian side sent its list to the political representative of the RM Gheorghe Balan with a copy to all the international participants of the negotiation process on June 24.

Valentina Leskaj highly estimated Pridnestrovie’s readiness for a constructive dialogue to address the issues affecting the lives of the population.

At the end of the meeting the sides agreed to maintain contact on matters of mutual interest.