Nina Shtanski Met with Eric Rubin, US Deputy Assistant Secretary

Nina Shtanski Met with Eric Rubin, US Deputy Assistant Secretary
Nina Shtanski Met with Eric Rubin, US Deputy Assistant Secretary

Yesterday, the meeting between Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the PMR for International Cooperation, Foreign Minister Nina Shtanski and US Deputy Assistant Secretary Eric Rubin took place in the PMR's MFA. Taking part in the meeting was also Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the USA to the Republic of Moldova William Moser.

During the meeting the sides discussed the current situation in the negotiation process in the 5+2 format, as well as the current problems existing in the dialogue between the sides.

Nina Shtanski expressed gratitude to the American Diplomat for the readiness to visit Pridnestrovie in the situation of very serious degradation in confidence and interaction between Pridnestrovie and Moldova. According to her words, consultations with all 5+2 participants are essential in such circumstances.

The Head of the Foreign Ministry pointed out that repressive steps taken by the Republic of Moldova towards Pridnestrovie pose a threat to the negotiation process. The Diplomat reminded therefore the negotiation process had been disrupted once by the economic blockade of Pridnestrovie initiated in 2006. According to Nina Shtanski, then all 5+2 participants made significant efforts to return to the negotiating table and renewing the dialogue in 2011 is primarily the achievement of the guarantor of the settlement - the Russian Federation. Today, Nina Shtanski emphasized, it is need to stop repressive practices against Pridnestrovie, and each of the participants in the negotiations can make contribute to resolution of existing problems.

“The campaign launched at present by the Republic of Moldova to prosecute Pridnestrovie's officials, and a number of other unfriendly acts whip up tension.” The leadership of Pridnestrovie considers it pose a threat to the negotiation process on the whole. I think that interaction of all 5+2 participants is at the level now when each of the international partners can help to stabilize the situation, and the main thing that needed to be done  - to stop pressure on Pridnestrovie, “ – pointed out the Minister.

Nina Shtanski reminded therefore principles of not applying sanctions and pressure were adopted as fundamental in the process of conflict resolution many years ago which was reflected in the Agreement on the Principles of a Peaceful Settlement of the Conflict of 1992. Besides, as the Diplomat noted, “more than 20 years ago Moldova and Pridnestrovie agreed to start negotiations and the fundamental principles of non-use of sanctions and blockades were enshrined in the joint statement”. “As early as in 2012 when we discussed and then adopted and signed a document regulating the interaction in the 5+2 format – “Principles and procedures of carrying out the negotiations” – we also enshrined the principles of equality, mutual respect and carrying out a dialogue constructively on the basis of goodwill. It was in the year 2012 when we agreed the parties should respect one another and be equitable. The dialogue should be carried out on the basis of goodwill and in a constructive spirit. Otherwise, it lose any meaning,” – said the Minister.

Eric Rubin, in his turn, expressed the readiness of the American side to make all possible efforts to help resolve the existing problems and contradictions.