Igor Smirnov: “Pridnestrovie is not Somebody’s Political Project”

Igor Smirnov: “Pridnestrovie is not Somebody’s Political Project”

On November 24, President of the PMR Igor Smirnov carried out a press-conference for local and foreign journalists in Tiraspol. The meeting with the Head of Pridnestrovien state was attended by the representatives of Pridnestrovien, Russian, Ukrainian and German Media.

Opening his conversation with journalists, Igor Smirnov told about the outcomes of his meeting with Moldavian Prime-minister Vladimir Filat, which was held on November 21 in Bender. Joint Statement, signed by the two leaders, became the main result of the negotiation. According to the President, this document must bring new impulse to interaction between Moldova and Pridnestrovie on all problematic issues, existing in relations of the two states. In particular, the necessity of activation of the operation of expert (working) groups of the sides, of the development of cooperation between law-enforcement bodies, of restoration of communication links between Tiraspol and Kishinev. “Our meeting became an important forward step in the process of normalization of the relations between Moldova and Pridnestrovie,” Igor Smirnov said.

At the instance of German journalist the President commented upon the statements of the Media on existence of a certain arrangement between Germany and Russia on Moldova-Pridnestrovie settlement. The meetings of leaders of the two countries Dmitriy Medvedev and Angela Merkel gave grounds for different versions on the present topic. “I have not seen the initiatives of Merkel and Medvedev. I know about the common wish, existing in the whole world. The wish for tranquility, for people not to be killed and for movement of goods, transport and people to be carried out normally,” Igor Smirnov said.

He also commented upon the statements of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, which had been made during his recent visit to Kishinev. Speaking about Moldova-Pridnestrovie settlement, Head of Russian diplomacy marked the necessity of concentration on search of solutions in the framework of “territorial integrity of Moldova”. In connection with this, Igor Smirnov reminded journalists about another utterance of Sergey Lavrov, made in 2008 after Georgian aggression against the people of South Ossetia. “The meaning of the statement is the following: the principle of inviolability of borders is observed by other states, until the state in question begins to destroy its own nation. Then, the principle of people on self-determination comes into effect,” the PMR's President said. He reminded that in 1992 the Pridnestroviens were subjected to aggression from the side of Moldova. According to the President, in fact this was an attempt “to commit genocide against its own nation – the nation of the Moldavian SSR.” As marked by Igor Smirnov, Pridnestrovie has all necessary international and legal bases for recognition of independence of the republic.

Journalists inquired about the opinion of the President on informational campaign, carried out by Russian Media and several officials in support of one of his competitors on Presidential elections. In connection with this Igor Smirnov reminded that Russia is signatory country for Convention on Standards of Democratic Elections, Electoral Franchise and Freedoms in Countries – Members of the CIS. This year Pridnestrovie also joined the Convention. As marked by the President, this international document forbids foreign interference in pre-election campaigns. In particular, it states that “any direct or indirect participation of foreign persons, stateless persons, foreign legal persons, international public organizations in activity, promoting or impeding the preparation for the election and implementation of the election, is inadmissible.”

Igor Smirnov also evaluated publications, which contain information, that Russia can “surrender” Pridnestrovie to Moldova. “The Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic is not a political brand or somebody's project. Its creation became the result of people's natural urge toward the protection of themselves and their rights,” the Head of Pridnestrovien state marked. He reminded that all strategic decisions, taken in Tiraspol, are based on the will of nation. During the period of its existence republic held seven Referendums. “In 2006 we asked our people again. They answered, that it is necessary to be independent and to develop with great Russia,” the PMR's President said.