Comment by the Press Service of the Foreign Ministry of the PMR


In connection with numerous appeals of the citizens coming in written and electronic forms and evidencing the renewal of administrative pressure by authorities of the Republic of Moldova on residents of Pridnestrovie, crossing the RM’s state border, including in Kishinev airport, the Press Service of the Foreign Ministry of the PMR reports the following.

The citizens' requests say that the Pridnestrovians having citizenship of the Russian Federation and Ukraine, when crossing the state border of the RM, face unreasonable requirements imposed by the RM’s representatives, mostly by members of the border police, for Moldovan documents - a residence permit or passport for travel abroad. In the absence of Moldovan documents threats of refusal of departure or deportation are voiced against the Pridnestrovians.

In this context, the Foreign Ministry of Pridnestrovie stresses that the demands and claims imposed by Moldovan authorities against the Pridnestrovians are unreasonable and go beyond the agreements of the negotiation process.

On February 27, 2014 at the meeting of the “Permanent Conference...” in Vienna the Protocol Decision on certain aspects of freedom of movement of the population was signed. The agreed document excludes the possibility of applying any sanctions and other coercive measures against citizens permanently residing on the territory of Pridnestrovie and crossing the Moldovan border.

The Foreign Ministry of Pridnestrovie has official correspondence, as well as statements and comments in the media by authorized representatives of the Republic of Moldova, containing a list of documents on the basis of which the citizens of Pridnestrovie confirm the fact of permanent residence in the PMR and freely cross the border of the RM, namely:

– a foreign passport issued by a foreign diplomatic mission accredited in the Republic of Moldova, in particular, by the Embassy of Russia and Ukraine;

–the confirmation of being registered with the consular department of the foreign diplomatic mission accredited in the Republic of Moldova;

–other documents confirming the fact of living in Pridnestrovie, including the application under  own responsibility.

It should be emphasized that the agreements reached between the parties on freedom of movement are also enshrined directly in the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, and any refusal of the border police or other authorities of the RM to ensure within the generally accepted norms the free movement of Pridnestrovians which can confirm the fact of their residence in the PMR is a direct violation of the agreements of the negotiation process, the commitments made by Moldova, including in public, as well as the Moldovan legislation.

The MFA of the PMR calls on the Moldovan side to return to performing in good faith the existing agreements on freedom of movement and to stop attempts of administrative pressure and threats against the Pridnestrovians.

At the same time the Foreign Ministry of Pridnestrovie appeals to the citizens of the PMR to resist provocations, to show resistance to the attempts of indoctrination and to the psychological pressure put by Moldovan services, and also to immediately inform about all acts of violations of the rights and prejudicial treatment when crossing the RM’s border.