Nina Shtanski, “Pridnestrovie knows very well that Russia will not abandon us”


Deputy Prime Minister of the PMR for International Cooperation, Minister of Foreign Affairs Nina Shtanski stated that during a special interview given to the “Channel 5”(St. Petersburg) for the programme “Otkrytaya Studia” (Open Studio) dedicated to the situation in Pridnestrovie.

Answering journalists' questions, the Head of the Foreign Ministry confirmed that citizens of the republic were alarmed at expansion of Ukrainian military presence on the border with the PMR. “We do not have information on the direct military threat. But the war is being conducted with Pridnestrovie, it is a hybrid war: economic, information blockade and other means of isolation. All this, of course, increases the degree of tension here,” said the diplomat. In this context, the Foreign Minister emphasized that a full-scale economic blockade set the republic on the verge of survival today. In the existing situation, she said, the hopes of Pridnestrovians are pinned only on Russia. “Pridnestrovie is grateful for the tremendous support and assistance, including the material one provided by the Russian Federation to Pridnestrovie. The country highly appreciates this, because without the help of Russia the socio- economic collapse here would already come,” said the Minister.

“Pridnestrovie knows very well that Russia will not abandon us. We very much hope that our calls for peace, our assurances that we pose no threat - because we remember well what the 1992 war is - will be heard in Kishinev and Kiev,” - expressed the hope Nina Shtanski.