First Pridnestrovian International School “Geopolitics and Regional Security” has started in Tiraspol


Today, the main building of the Pridnestrovian State University opened the First International School of Pridnestrovie “Geopolitics and Regional Security”, organized by T.G. Shevchenko Pridnestrovian State University with the support of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR. More than thirty students and young teachers from Pridnestrovie, Russia and Moldova are listeners of the educational programme of the School.

The programme of the School includes speeches and lectures by experts of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies, the Higher School of Economics, the leadership of the Foreign Ministry of Pridnestrovie, as well as teachers and researchers of the Pridnestrovian State University. A series of lectures-webinars will also be held in the framework of the School.

President of the PMR Yevgeny Shevchuk extended a welcome address to the School students. In his address the head of state noted that due to the lack of international recognition Pridnestrovie faces a difficult socio-economic situation, but despite this, the country’s development priority is striving for independence and geopolitical orientation towards the Russian Federation, the Eurasian integration and the implementation of the will of Pridnestrovian people, expressed during the referendum in 2006. “Today, the idea of ​​Eurasian integration is supported by an absolute majority of the population of Pridnestrovie, the Eurasian integration is a national idea of ​​Pridnestrovie and the main priority of the foreign policy of the republic,” - emphasized in the greeting of the President of the PMR.

The message also noted that under a complex geopolitical conditions and severe global economic situation an important task is “the consolidation of efforts towards finding the best ways to overcome the problems and crisis developments”. “Successful and effective solution to such complex issues invariably accompanied with the necessity of joining theoretical and applied approaches, combining competent analytical work and professionalism of performers. It is important for us that the friends and partners from the Russian Federation and other friendly states consistently show willingness to support Pridnestrovie in word and deed, to provide expert assistance, to exchange views and to shape a plan of future cooperation aimed at ensuring the welfare and stability of life of citizens,” – as noted in the welcoming address of president of the PMR Yevgeny Shevchuk.

The welcome address to the participants of the School also was extended by Chairperson of the Government of the PMR Tatiana Turanskaya. The message reads, in particular, that the study of geopolitics today is of primary importance because it is directly related to global socio-economic transformations. “Understanding the political interests of the global players, the ability to predict the course of events and to respond quickly to emerging challenges are important conditions for successful cooperation of states in the international arena,” – said in the welcoming address of the head of government.

Acting Foreign Minister of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev at the event wished the participants a successful and fruitful work and noted that the subject of the international school is universal enough, as it affects all aspects of society. According to him, Pridnestrovie is a clear example of how the geographical location and geopolitical interests of the world's leading actors influence the current situation in the Black Sea region and in Pridnestrovie in particular. “Pridnestrovie has been developing independently for over 25 years, and during all these years we are in the most difficult conditions of external pressure,” - said the head of the Foreign Ministry.

Representations by experts followed the opening ceremony. Lectures were given to the participants by Acting Foreign Minister of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev, Head of Sector of Regional Security Problems of the Center for Euro-Atlantic and Defense Studies of the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies Igor Nikolaichuk, Professor of the Department of Political Behavior of the State National Research University Higher School of Economics Igor Orlov, as well as Honorary President of T.G. Shevchenko Pridnestrovian State University Stepan Beril.

The School will continue until October 5. The meeting between foreign participants of the project and representatives of the Council of Young Diplomats of Pridnestrovie is scheduled to be held as part of the programme.