On the upcoming meeting of the representatives on political issues


A meeting of representatives on political issues of the Republic of Moldova and Pridnestrovie Nina Shtanski and Viktor Osipov will be held at the initiative of the Pridnestrovian side in the office of the OSCE Mission in Tiraspol in Thursday, August 13, 2015, at 11.00.

During the upcoming meeting, the parties agreed to discuss issues of criminal prosecution of officials, businessmen, land users and ordinary citizens of Pridnestrovie in the Republic of Moldova. It should be noted that the situation in this area has significantly degraded due to a threefold increase in the number of defendants in criminal cases since 2014, and putting a number of officials and businessmen of the PMR on the international wanted list. Only during this summer three current and former officials of Pridnestrovie have been detained in different parts of the world. A member of the Pridnestrovian Interior Ministry staff M.G. Kuzmichev arrested in the Hellenic Republic on July 20 this year has not yet been released. The Pridnestrovian side has irrefutable documentary evidence on putting tens of officials and businessmen of Pridnestrovie on the international wanted list.

At the same time during the scheduled meeting the Pridnestrovian side intends to raise the problem of evasion of the representative on political issues of the Republic of Moldova from sending responses to the official written requests of Pridnestrovie. These appeals remaining unanswered by the Moldovan side, as a rule, are related to the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, because they contain requests for information on registration / de-registration, acts of civil status, as well as deportations of Pridnestrovians took place at the airport in Kishinev.

During the upcoming meeting other issues of mutual interest may be raised.