Dmitry Palamarchuk: “Withdrawal from agreements on compulsory automobile liability insurance is fraught with rather serious drop in the Pridnestrovian side's image in the negotiation process”


The Deputy Foreign said that in an interview to the Pervy Pridnestrovsky TV Channel.

According to him, the need for an agreement in the field of compulsory automobile liability insurance (CALI) has arisen due to the existing situation, connected with the refusal of Moldovan insurance companies from making payments for the owners of vehicles registered in Pridnestrovie, when the insured event occurs. Moldovan insurers used Moldovan authorities’ judicial opinions on the unrecognized nature of Pridnestrovian technical inspection certificates and an infringement notice issued by the State Automobile Inspectorate of the PMR as a justification for that practice.

 “In order to resolve this situation, to protect the interests of our citizens, a mechanism enshrined in the Protocol decision, which was signed at the level of the heads of the two countries on April 10, 2015, was developed. It is important that all fourteen RM’s insurance companies providing services for the compulsory automobile liability insuring were acceded to the mechanism. Thus, we got a quite convenient situation for us, when a citizen of Pridnestrovie can travel freely both in Moldova and Pridnestrovie with the insurance policy issued in Pridnestrovie, and at the same time he/she is totally protected: he/she gets the opportunity to obtain an appropriate compensation when the insured event occurs,” said Dmitry Palamarchuk. He noted that to date only two cases when Moldovan authorities refused to recognize the insurance policy issued in Pridnestrovie were registered. One case occurred immediately after the conclusion of the agreement due to the absence of information at relevant services of Moldova on the existence of a framework mechanism, the second one - in October 2015. Then the Moldovan side provided official explanations, and the citizen of the PMR was exempted from paying the fine.

 “The Ministry of Foreign Affairs monitors in a systematic manner the execution of CALI agreements. We support the continuation of their implementation, as the withdrawal from these agreements is fraught with rather serious drop in the Pridnestrovian side's image in the negotiation process. The agreement was reached less than a year ago, and it is effectively realized indeed, there is clear readiness of the Moldovan side to act within the framework of this agreement. Therefore, if the Pridnestrovian side will initiate its dissolution, it will be a very bad example and extremely bad practice,” concluded the diplomat.