Comment by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR regarding the cancelation of excise on imports for Pridnestrovian enterprises by the Moldovan Parliament

Comment by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR regarding the cancelation of excise on imports for Pridnestrovian enterprises by the Moldovan Parliament

The PMR's Foreign Ministry assesses positively that the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova has passed the draft bill in the second reading canceling a number of payments made previously by Pridnestrovian enterprises to the Moldovan budget.

“The Foreign Ministry expresses satisfaction over implementation (even late) by the Moldovan side the regulations of the Protocol recording  of February 19, 2014 of the expert (working) group meeting on economic issues with participation of the political representatives. This Protocol recording signed with assistance of international 5+2 participants, provided for cancelation excise duties within a month on goods imported by economic agents of Pridnestrovie,” – commented Advisor to Foreign Minister Dmitry Palamarchuk to Novosti Pridnestrovia news agency.    

The law adopted by the Moldovan Parliament also provides exemption of  customs clearance payments for business entities of Pridnestrovie while export - import operations, as well as abolishment of environmental tax which had been collected since 2008 from a number of domestic enterprises.

“As the Moldovan leader of working group, the RM's Deputy Minister of Economy Octavian Kalmyk reported at the meeting of expert (working) group on economic issues, all procedures needed for implementation of the Parliament's decision would be completed by the end of the next week,” – informed Dmitry Palamarchuk.

We note that between 2006 and 2013 the Pridnestrovian enterprises paid for customs clearance to the Moldova's budget at export – 3.6 million US dollars, at import – 1.4 million US dollars. In turn, between 2008 and 2013 the Pridnestrovian economic agents paid environmental tax of more than 600 thousand US dollars which had never come in order to ensure environmental safety of Pridnestrovie. Besides, the excise on the goods imported by Pridnestrovian enterprises imposed since January 1, 2014 and canceled today could resulted in loss for some Pridnestrovian enterprises of more than 2 million dollars only in the current year.

Advisor to the PMR's Foreign Minister Dmitry Palamarchuk paid attention that all those issues had been a subject of discussion between the sides in recent times. Thus, the issue of double fee for customs clearance of goods exported or imported by Pridnestrovie had been already discussed at the meeting of the Permanent conference in Dublin, on February 2012. A particular attention was drawn by the Pridnestrovian delegation to the existing problems on implementation of foreign economic activities at the 5+2 meeting in Vienna, on July 2012. In turn, the need for cancellation of the environmental tax had been discussed in the framework of the expert (working) groups on economic issues practically since it was imposed in 2008.

“The decision by the RM's Parliament demonstrates more considered approach of the Moldovan side to organization of economic cooperation with Pridnestrovie. The PMR's MFA thinks that such measures confirm efficacy of the “small steps” tactics agreed in early 2012 by the leaders of Moldova and Pridnestrovie and will promote building confidence between the sides, – emphasized Dmitry Palamarchuk. At the same time, the Pridnestrovian side intends to continue systematic dialogue with the RM on economy issues aimed at full lifting of the blockade of the foreign economic activities by the PMR's business entities, as well as at the removing of artificial barriers which hinder mutual trade”.

Originally published by Novosti Pridnestrovia news agency