Vitaly Ignatiev answered questions of El País correspondent


Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Vitaly Ignatiev gave an interview to Pilar Bonet, correspondent of the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

During the interview Vitaly Ignatiev touched upon some fundamental aspects of the PMR’s foreign policy at the present stage. In particular, PMR’s Foreign Minister focused on the current state of the negotiation process with the Republic of Moldova, noting that the dialogue with the Republic of Moldova is stagnating at all levels.

According to the Foreign Minister, the current negative dynamics of negotiations has resulted directly from the fundamental unwillingness of the Moldovan side to consider the position of Pridnestrovie and to abandon the damaging practice of unilateral pressure on the PMR. In this context, according to the diplomat, new restrictions in the field of freight rail transport imposed in July 2016 by the Moldovan side are especially demonstrative.

“There was no economical reasoning in this decision, because it is more profitable for the economic entities, including Moldovan importers, to import goods through the territory of Pridnestrovie. In 2012 we signed Protocol Decision on the railway for the benefit of everyone in fact. Therefore, there is no logic and economic efficiency in such actions of Moldova – they were caused by political objectives only and became another element of pressure on Pridnestrovie” – Vitaly Ignatiev noted.

During the interview other topical directions of the Pridnestrovian foreign policy were discussed, including relations with the Russian Federation, Ukraine and the European Union.