Acting Foreign Minister informs the President of the work on the most topical issues of the negotiation process


​President Yevgeny Shevchuk held a meeting with Acting Foreign Minister of the PMR. Vitaly Ignatiev informed the Head of State about the work being done by the Foreign Ministry on the most topical issues of the negotiation process with the Republic of Moldova.

One of the problems causing the Pridnestrovian side’s particular concern relates to the restriction of freedom of movement of citizens and goods for economic agents of the republic. Thus, lately the Moldovan side has stepped up psychological, moral and ideological pressure on the citizens of Pridnestrovie, including with the threat of use of administrative sanctions. In addition, a number of leaders of ministries and departments of Pridnestrovie were subjected to interrogation and extra searches in Kishinev airport. “In accordance with the RM’s formal commitments not to use measures of administrative pressure, as well as with the protocol decision “On some aspects of freedom of movement” such actions are not legal and cannot be supported by any of the participants in the negotiation process. We hope that the Moldovan side will return to the conscientious and responsible performance of its obligations”, - noted Vitaly Ignatiev.

The meeting dealt with the changed scheme of movement of goods imported into Pridnestrovie by railway. We remind, the decision was taken by Moldova and Ukraine unilaterally and started to be implemented since 1 January 2016. According to estimates of specialists, this type of restrictive measures will lead to total loss of economic agents of the PMR and the Pridnestrovian railway in the amount of a minimum of $ 4.5 million. The Acting Foreign Minister reported to the President that this acute issue will be discussed at one of the next meetings of expert working groups, which is scheduled for 2 February.

The meeting discussed the issues related to Moldova and Ukraine’s agreement on the establishment of joint border and customs control at the border crossing point “Kuchurgan”. “This politically biased decision was made outside the negotiation process, does not have any legitimacy. The position of Pridnestrovie is ignored and was not taken into account. We have repeatedly appealed and continue to appeal to the participants of the negotiation format “5+2” to give up the implementation of this measure in order not to limit the economic potential of Pridnestrovie. This can negatively impact on Ukraine's participation as a guarantor in the negotiation process, because such actions have nothing to do with the status of guarantor. For Pridnestrovie this is a multidimensional threat not only to the freedom of movement of citizens, but also to the normal conduct of foreign trade activity. The Moldovan side can take any restrictive measures,” - said Vitaly Ignatiev.

The President set a task to the Foreign Ministry to intensify diplomatic work towards solving the issue related to the initiation of politically motivated criminal cases by the RM against officials, including against  the former Prime Minister, representatives of the judicial and law enforcement authorities, as well as a number of businessmen of Pridnestrovie. “We need to address to our partners, mediators, participants of the “5+2” format, to the international human rights structures. While the conflict is unresolved the growing practice of criminal prosecution serves to the destabilization of negotiation platform and violation of citizens' rights to freedom of movement,” - said Yevgeny Shevchuk.

The meeting also raised the issue of optimization of the Foreign Ministry’s structure that has been held. As said by Vitaly Ignatiev, since 2011 the department’s office has been reduced by more than 20 employees. The reduction of expenses was about 40%.

Following the meeting, the President put the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to a number of tasks. “In the context of regional, global economic instability for the PMR’s Foreign Ministry to promote the economic processes of Pridnestrovie within existing resource capabilities and contacts is a priority,” – said the President. Among the instructions was to intensify cooperation with state authorities, including the Supreme Council.

Source: website of the President of the PMR