On the regular meeting of the expert (working) groups on economic issues


July 1, 2016 the OSCE Mission office in Tiraspol hosted a regular meeting of field experts of Pridnestrovie and Moldova on economic issues.

During the meeting the sides held a detailed discussion of the existing challenges in the sphere of foreign trade faced by Pridnestrovian enterprises due to the restrictive actions by the Republic of Moldova. An outcome of this discussion became an agreement to update previously signed documents on cooperation of Pridnestrovie and Moldova in the field of veterinary and phytosanitary control.

It is planned that the parties would submit draft documents on the interaction of Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova in this field by the next meeting. Also the parties reached a preliminary agreement to develop a mechanism of interaction in the field of certification, standardization and metrology.

At the same time the Pridnestrovian side expressed an opinion that issues related to mutual trade between Pridnestrovie and the Republic of Moldova, as well as to access of Pridnestrovian goods on foreign markets, need to be clearly regulated. The parties agreed to continue the discussion of the fundamental issues in the upcoming meetings. The parties agreed to continue discussing these fundamental issues in the upcoming meetings.

During the discussion held the Pridnestrovian experts, requested by the Moldovan side, provided topical information on land use in Dubossary district of the PMR and informed about the successful experience of the contractual and legal relations of the PMR’s State Administration of Dubossary district and town of Dubossary with interested farmers, including non-residents of Pridnestrovie. The meeting participants got acquainted with the materials, testifying that lands previously abandoned by some Moldovan farmers actively get back into agricultural use.

At the same time, according to Pridnestrovian experts, about 300 hectares of arable land are no longer suitable for farming because of the negligent attitude towards it by persons, which had it previously on loan.

Experts agreed to continue the dialogue on this issue.

In particular it is worth noting the willingness of the Moldovan side manifested after a four-year pause to resume meetings of the subgroup on banking cooperation. The Pridnestrovian side expects suggestions on the specific timing of such a meeting in the near future.