On the Meeting of Expert (Working) Groups on Customs Cooperation from Pridnestrovie and Moldova


The OSCE Office in Kishinev hosted a meeting of expert (working) groups on customs cooperation from Pridnestrovie and Moldova. The experts discussed the current situation with regard to exchanging and providing information relating to customs violations revealed by relevant bodies of the parties.

The representatives of Pridnestrovie expressed concerns about the fact that a number of requests by the State Customs Committee of the PMR was ignored by the customs bodies of the Republic of Moldova. Such inconsistent approach calls into question the interest declared by the Moldovan side in initiating practical cooperation on a number of topical issues between customs bodies of the parties.

At the same time the Pridnestrovian side was not provided by concrete clarifications on the taking agricultural goods (permitted pesticides) by Customs officials of Moldova at the time when the Pridnestrovian farmers had been transporting them through Kopanka village (under temporary control of Moldova) in order to cultivate lands in Kremenchug village (Pridnestrovie).

During the meeting between the representatives on political issues of Pridnestrovie and Moldova held on April 14 a.c., Yevgeny Karpov explained that he had sent a relevant enquiry to the Customs authorities of Moldova and that clarifications would be provided at today's meeting of customs experts.  

In particular, the representatives of the Customs authorities of Moldova informed that procedural and investigative actions on that issue were conducting at that moment; and the Pridnestrovian side would be informed about the outcomes.