Vladimir Yastrebchak meets with the RF MFA Ambassador-at-Large Valeriy Nesterushkin

On July, 7, 2009 a meeting took place between the Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Yastrebchak and the RF MFA Ambassador-at-Large Valeriy Nesterushkin.

As diplomats told after the meeting, the dialogue was focused on the problems that cannot be solved without involvement of the Russian Federation. According to Valeriy Nesterushkin, bilateral contacts between representatives of the Russian and Pridnestrovian Foreign Offices are held both in Moscow and in Tiraspol. The last meeting in Tiraspol took place at the end of February this year. “There were many events during this period, especially in Moldova, that should be analyzed and discussed”, told the diplomat.

“The Russian Federation still remains an active mediator and guarantor of the Moldo-Pridnestrovian settlement functioning for the sake of peace and stability in this region of Europe”, stated Vladimir Yastrebchak after the meeting.

Answering the question about perspectives for the resumption of the negotiation process on Moldo-Pridnestrovian settlement and taking into consideration the pause caused by the political events in RM Valeriy Nesterushkin noted that the constructive potential underlying the Joint Statement of Dmitriy Medvedev, Igor Smirnov and Vladimir Voronin signed on March, 18 in Moscow failed to be realized during this period and yet it remains. “When power structures are formed in Moldova, we will see in what way this potential can be used”, assured the diplomat. The Ambassador emphasized that Russia continues to stand its grounds: the dialogue between the sides should be based on the principles of trust, mutual understanding and equality, excluding possibility of dictate coming from any side. “Unfortunately not all our western partners share this position”, stated Valeriy Nesterushkin.

In his turn, Vladimir Yastrebchak confirmed that Tiraspol is ready to restart the dialogue with Kishinev when the organs of power are formed in Moldova in order to set forward agreements achieved during the meeting of three Presidents on March, 18, in Moscow.