Foreign Ministry of Pridnestrovie sends congratulations on National Unity Day to the MFA of Russia


The message addressed to the Russian counterparts emhasized that November 4, 1612 became truly a milestone event in the history of Russia, which marked the liberation from burden of foreign invaders and the beginning of a new stage in the development of a great country.

The welcoming address reads:

“Patriotism, responsibility and pride in its Fatherland are fundamental values that have always strengthened the multinational Russian state. The events of those distant years consistently remind about the high importance of the consolidation of the people, building a strong and just state.

The Russian Federation is a modern, dynamic world power, successfully combines the latest achievements of science and technology with ancient spiritual traditions, respect for the memory of ancestors, unique cultural attainments”.

The leadership of the MFA of the PMR has expressed confidence that the preservation of traditional values, support for the ideals of mutual understanding and solidarity will continue to be a reliable basis of the prosperity of the Russian Federation. “Today the people of Pridnestrovie have chosen the course towards unity with Russia and share with the Russians the feeling of joy of this great holiday,” – the message says.