On Meeting of Experts from Pridnestrovie and Republic of Moldova


On September 4, experts from Pridnestrovie and Moldova met in the Dubossary district of Pridnestrovie. The meeting was aimed at resolving conflict situation following the quarry development on the territory of the Energetik gardening company by a Moldovan economic agent.

The authorized representatives of the parties performed a joint inspection of the land plot claimed by the Pridnestrovian and Moldovan economic entities, as well as held working consultations aimed at developing a practical mechanism for resolving the current conflict situation. During the discussion, experts came to a common understanding about the need for industry experts to conduct geodetic work on the further delimitation of disputed land plots.

The Pridnestrovian side called on the Moldovan representatives of the to refrain from any uncoordinated steps and to stop developing the Energetik quarry until the final settlement of the situation.