Russia has consistently taken a stand against the blocking the Pridnestrovian economy


According to the head of the state, the Russian side during the negotiation process has consistently taken a stand against the imposition of sanctions and other restrictive measures, crippling the Pridnestrovian economy. In addition to this, Russia takes measures to support directly the Pridnestrovian economy. Inter alia, the sides agreed upon the procedures which simplify the supply of the Pridnestrovian products to the Russian markets.

Evgeny Shevchuk also reminded that despite the difficult economic situation in Russia itself, the country continues to implement humanitarian projects in Pridnestrovie. “One cannot discount that Russia as a guarantor country exercises another major function - a peacekeeping operation”, - he added.

At the same time Russia provides support for its citizens living in the PMR, including pensioners. The president appealed to Pridnestrovians to contact for more information on this matter in the Russian consulate.