Nina Shtanski met with the RISS delegation


The Foreign Ministry held a meeting of Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the PMR for International Cooperation - Minister of Foreign Affairs Nina Shtanski with the delegation of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies, headed by RISS Deputy Director Tamara Guzenkova. The meeting was also attended by Deputy Director of the Dniester-Prut Centre of the RISS Sergei Mokshantsev, and RISS representatives Dmitry Lyzhin and Andrei Shastin.

During the welcoming speech Nina Shtanski congratulated the guests on the anniversary of the Dniester-Prut Centre of the RISS and noted that during the year of the functioning in Pridnestrovie the Centre carried out a lot of important, interesting, socially-oriented collaborative projects involving scientific, educational and sport circles, youth, children. The diplomat assured the RISS representatives that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR would continue to give full support to the activities of the institute in the country.

Tamara Guzenkova, in her turn, noted that interaction between the republic and the institute began long before the opening of the Dniester-Prut Centre, but it was a year ago when the presence of the RISS has acquired a completely new quality. “Despite the fact that about a dozen and a half of centers are operating in the institute abroad now, it is the Pridnestrovian center that is one of the priorities, one of the most important. This is an outpost in geopolitical terms. Pridnestrovie has always been it, but more and more it is becoming it now, in view of the situation that is emerging in the region,”- said the deputy director.

The sides discussed plans for cooperation for the current year. In particular, they voiced readiness to hold a series of events to mark the dates which are significant for Pridnestrovie and Russia, involving experts, broad academic and social circles.

The head of the Russian delegation Tamara Guzenkova introduced a number of new aspects of interaction between the DPC of the RISS and Pridnestrovie. Expert support, according to her, will be carried out in areas of socio-economic development, food security, environmental projects, taking into account the difficult situation in the country in this area and the problems facing by the state. A new head of research programs of the DPC of the RISS Dmitry Lyzhin who is a specialist in food, environmental and biosafety was presented to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR.