PMR’s Deputy Foreign Minister Met With Leadership of Institute of Dynamic Conservatism

PMR’s Deputy Foreign Minister Met With Leadership of Institute of Dynamic Conservatism

Meeting of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the PMR Vitaliy Ignatiev and Director of Institute of Dynamic Conservatism Vitaliy Averianov and Director of Institute programs, member of Board of Guardians of Historical Prospect Foundation Mikhail Demurin took place in Moscow, on November 2, 2011.

Institute of Dynamic Conservatism is one of the leading Russian expert and scientific centers. Research in the sphere of national outlook, expertise in the sphere of social knowledge, participation in formation of new configuration of ideological predilections in Russian society, creation of pool of specialists, carrying out public expertise of innovations for the welfare and development of Russia, are among the primary objectives of the Institute.

During the meeting interlocutors discussed current international situation around the Pridnestrovien Moldavian Republic and considered issues, connected with the development of Russia-Pridnestrovie interaction in scientific and expert field.

Pridnestrovien diplomat noticed, that objective, connected with joining of efforts with numerous amicable Russian scientific and expert structures and transition to the level of systemic social and informational interaction has strategic nature and meets the interests of Russia and Pridnestrovie in full.

Representatives of Institute of Dynamic Conservatism supported the idea of necessity of regular and qualitative activity of core research structures of the Russian Federation on Pridnestrovien direction. In whole conversation revealed coincidence of points of view of its participants on the majority of issues considered.

The sides also matched a number of certain steps, directed on actualization of Pridnestrovien subject matter in Russian social and expert environment.

At the end of the meeting Vitaliy Ignatiev presented informational publications of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the PMR, the sides exchanged printed matter and discussed the possibilities of partnership in informational sphere.