Interview by Nina Shtanski regarding the blockade of Pridnestrovie, given to Channel One Russia


In her interview to Channel One Russia, Deputy Chairperson of the Government of the PMR for International Cooperation, Foreign Minister Nina Shtanski told in detail about multilateral blockade that Pridnestrovie was subjected to.

Regarding the theme of the economic aspects of the blockade, the Head of the PMR's MFA told that the restrictions paralyzed opportunity for free international cargo transportation.  It is impossible to use air and river transportation, banking activity is blocked, cross-border trade is “killed”. “A lot of international monitoring mechanisms are approved here. But meanwhile, it is convenient for someone, apparently, that Pridnestrovie was in blockade,” – expressed her opinion the Foreign Minister.

Nina Shtanski expanded on the description of a new stage of the blockade by the Republic of Moldova such as laying discriminatory excise on import, inter alia on import of raw materials for Pridnestrovian enterprises which caused, in fact, putting economic agents at risk of closure, in turn, this means loss of jobs. Nina Shtanski stated that such discriminatory actions are in serious contradiction with 1997 Memorandum which had established the right of Pridnestrovie to carry out foreign economic activity. The Minister reminded that the Russian Federation and Ukraine acted as guarantors of those rights.

Nina Shtanski paid a particular attention to restrictions in relation to free movement through Ukrainian and Moldovan border.