Statement by the PMR Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Connection with the OSCE PA Resolution


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic lodges a strong protest against the false accusations and biased assessments set out in the text of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly’s resolution, which have nothing to do with the real situation in Pridnestrovie.
We assess the incident as complicity on the part of the OSCE PA in the hybrid war against Pridnestrovie, a move that grossly contradicts objectives of the Organization, namely promoting security and co-operation in Europe. Such short-sighted destructive steps undermine the OSCE’s mediation efforts within the framework of the Moldova-Pridnestrovie settlement, discredit the approaches of the Chairmanship-in-Office and call into question the possibility of adequate co-operation with the OSCE Mission to Moldova.
The published set of clichés is a classic example of propaganda and de-professionalization of the aforementioned body’s members, a sign that they lack basic humanitarian knowledge and any cursory understanding of the situation around Pridnestrovie.
We point out that previously OSCE PA delegations used to travel to Pridnestrovie to listen to the views of both sides to the conflict. Yet, no such visits have taken place since 2018. The unwillingness to obtain objective information discredits this platform, which has lost connection to reality and skills for competent dialogue.
We deem it indicative that the Assembly’s resolution completely ignores the facts of mass violations of the rights of the Pridnestrovian citizens resulting from the blockade and restrictive measures, economic extortions, repressive norms in the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, the real reasons for blocking the international “5+2” negotiations format since 2019, as well as the unprecedented terrorist threat to the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic. Against this background, the importance and quality of the OSCE PA’s participation in the settlement process not only tend to zero, but also become distinctly negative.
The Pridnestrovian side will certainly adjust its approaches to communication with this and other structures that are no longer capable of being professional in their work and have devolved into propaganda tools.