On the Meeting of Expert (Working) Groups on Economic Issues


Today, a meeting of expert (working) groups on economic issues was held online with the involvement of environmental specialists.

At the initiative of the Pridnestrovian side, a range of problems faced by the PMR economic entities due to the blockade measures of the Republic of Moldova were outlined. In particular, Moldova unjustifiably, without explaining the reasons, restricted export supplies of products of several Pridnestrovian plants. 

The Moldovan representatives refused to elaborate a solution to the problem of forced charging of environmental pollution fees from the PMR industrial enterprises. The Pridnestrovian side stressed that the RM measures lead to direct discrimination of Pridnestrovian economic agents, as they actually impose on them the obligation to pay environmental charges twice.

In addition, the functioning of Pridnestrovian alcoholic beverage producers was discussed. The Pridnestrovian representatives called for the exclusion of any confrontational steps that could lead to the disruption of the production process and formulated a number of specific proposals aimed at a compromise solution to the existing disagreements.

The PMR state authorities will continue to make every effort to find a way to unblock the foreign economic activity of Pridnestrovian enterprises using the negotiation tools. The PMR Foreign Ministry calls on the mediators in the negotiation process to pay attention to the current situation and to prevent its escalation and broader mutual restrictions.