Vitaly Ignatiev Meets with EUBAM Head


Foreign Ministry hosted the meeting between Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev and the EUBAM delegation led by Head of Mission Slawomir Pichor.

In the course of the meeting interlocutors thoroughly exchanged views on the current situation in the fields of security, trade in goods and transport logistics.

The Minister informed the EUBAM chief about a number of import and export obstacles faced by Pridnestrovian business. Special focus was given to restrictions on the supply of medicines and medical equipment, including a CT scanner tube, the bank blockade, as well as problems of industrial enterprises. In particular, the issue of legally unjustified attempts to impose pollution charges on certain Pridnestrovian economic agents, which contradicts the agreements of the parties, was raised.

The functioning of vehicle registration offices was a separate topic for discussion. We should recall that the EUBAM technical opinion made a significant contribution to the process of agreeing the Protocol Decision of 24 April 2018 on the participation of vehicles from Pridnestrovie not engaged in commercial activities in international road traffic. The Pridnestrovian side requested assistance in removing obstacles from the Moldovan customs service to the VRO registration of vehicles imported to Pridnestrovie after the launch of the neutral number plate mechanism (after September 2018).

The sides discussed approaches to future EUBAM interventions with the participation of Pridnestrovian representatives and agreed to maintain contacts on matters of interest relating to the scope of the Mission’s work.