Leonid Manakov Addressed the 53rd Session of the UN Human Rights Council


The Head of the PMR Official Representation in the Russian Federation, Leonid Manakov, addressed the participants of the 53rd session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva in an online format. In his speech, he drew attention to the situation with the massive violation of the rights of the Pridnestrovian citizens due to the blockade and restrictive measures on the part of the Republic of Moldova:

“Moldova has taken new unilateral and hostile steps, significantly increased pressure on the half-million population of Pridnestrovie, grossly violating people’s rights and freedoms. In particular, the right to free movement and return to the place of residence, to personal security and integrity, to life and health, the right to development and others. The law on separatism adopted in Moldova confirmed Chisinau’s repressive policy towards the Pridnestrovian people. These changes are the ground for the extension of politically motivated prosecutions and the reason for mass arrests of Pridnestrovian residents.”

The diplomat called on the Human Rights Council to pay the closest attention to the situation of the Pridnestrovian citizens and to take urgent measures to normalize the situation and restore the rights of the Pridnestrovians violated by Moldova.

“In this regard, I propose to send a special monitoring mission of the Human Rights Council to Pridnestrovie to familiarize with the situation on the ground and prepare a report and recommendations. I also ask the Human Rights Council to make an appropriate assessment of Moldova’s destructive actions and to make every effort to ensure that Chisinau strictly complies with all the agreements previously signed with Pridnestrovie”, Leonid Manakov said.