On Release of a Pridnestrovian Andrey Samoniy, illegally convicted in the Republic of Moldova


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informs that the Moldovan side released from custody an illegally and innocently convicted Pridnestrovian national Andrey Samoniy, who spent more than three years in detention on the territory of neighboring Moldova.

The decision taken by the judicial bodies of the Republic of Moldova confirms the absolutely illegal, inhumane and politicized nature of the charges against Andrey Samoniy. The groundless detention of a citizen of Pridnestrovie has nothing to do with the principles of democracy and testifies to the grossest violations of human rights and freedoms by the Moldovan side.

The President and state authorities of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic made every possible effort aimed at releasing a Pridnestrovian illegally detained in Moldova and restoring his legal rights.

The Pridnestrovian state, under any circumstances, will continue to relentlessly protect the rights and interests of its citizens.