Pridnestrovie Informs the 5+2 Participants about an Attempted Terrorist Attack against the OSCE Delegation


In the context of the ongoing investigation into the terrorist attacks on the PMR territory, the Pridnestrovian side has informed the international mediators and observers of the negotiation process about the car bomb intended for the OSCE delegation during the visit of OSCE Chairperson-in-Office Bujar Osmani to Pridnestrovie on February 14.

The letter, in particular, described the details of this terrorist act, which was prepared by order of the Ukrainian Security Service representatives, and noted that the Pridnestrovian investigative authorities possess sufficient data supporting this criminal plot.

The Pridnestrovian side assured the 5+2 participants of taking all necessary steps to protect the security of the Pridnestrovian population, as well as of foreign delegates visiting the republic. Deep concern, however, was expressed over the revealed facts of deliberate attempts to create a negative context around the PMR and to derail international efforts towards a peaceful and civilized dialogue in the framework of the Moldova-Pridnestrovie settlement process.

The Pridnestrovian side reiterated its openness to international communication as part of the ongoing investigation.