Vitaly Ignatiev Attended a Meeting of the PMR Supreme Council Commission on Foreign Policy and International Relations


PMR Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev took part in a meeting of the PMR Supreme Council commission on foreign policy and international relations.

The discussion focused on amendments to the Moldovan Criminal Code adopted by the Moldovan parliament, which envisage penalties for “separatism”, “conspiracy against Moldova” and the creation of an “anti-constitutional entity”.

Speaking about the prospects of the Moldovan-Pridnestrovian settlement process in the context of the destructive actions of the Moldovan side, the diplomat stressed that the use of repressive and restrictive steps against Pridnestrovie is not new, while the draft law itself is anti-people and anti-Pridnestrovian.

“The Pridnestrovian state was created to protect its citizens, interests, rights and identity. Today Moldova is taking criminal and repressive measures that directly threaten the population of Pridnestrovie,” the PMR Foreign Minister said.

In his speech, Vitaly Ignatiev stated that at the moment Moldova is de facto not participating in a constructive dialogue and is not fulfilling its earlier obligations while blocking work in the 5+2 format. By adopting such draft laws, by worsening the social and humanitarian situation of the republic and by applying other destructive measures, Moldova is trying to create conditions for a dialogue with Pridnestrovie under pressure. Such steps can lead to an escalation of tension and destabilization of the situation in the regional space, Vitaly Ignatiev believes. In the diplomat’s opinion, the main task of Pridnestrovie is to use all the necessary resources to ensure the interests and rights of the Pridnestrovians, while maintaining a constructive attitude in the negotiation process and not giving up peaceful methods of dialogue.

The context of the unfolding situation requires the position of the international actors in the negotiation process to be made clear. In this regard, Vitaly Ignatiev announced the expected visit of a delegation from the OSCE Chairmanship-in-Office, led this year by North Macedonia.

The participants in the meeting discussed a draft Supreme Council Statement on the amendments to the Moldovan Criminal Code, which will be presented at tomorrow’s plenary session of the Parliament.