Vitaly Ignatiev Answered the Questions of the First Pridnestrovian People’s Deputies


PMR Foreign Minister Vitaly Ignatiev took part in the meeting of the Consultative Assembly of the first Pridnestrovian people’s deputies under the President of the Supreme Council of PMR. The main topic of discussion was Pridnestrovie’s international status and the negotiation process with Moldova.

In his speech, the Foreign Minister reported on the current situation around the republic. Speaking about the dialogue with Moldova, Vitaly Ignatiev stressed that the agreements signed within the framework of the Berlin+ package are not implemented by the Moldovan side. The problems in the banking and financial sector, telecommunications and motor vehicles are still topical. As the Minister noted, the 5+2 format has not functioned since the end of 2019, while the dialogue with international partners at other levels continues.

On the diplomatic front, this year has been a difficult one, Vitaly Ignatiev said. Taking advantage of the situation in neighboring Ukraine, Moldova increased pressure on Pridnestrovie by blocking imports of medicines, plant protection products and other goods. “There is no other way to call it than socio-humanitarian and economic pressure on Pridnestrovie. This is an exclusively politicized measure,” the Minister emphasized.

“Our task is to keep pursuing the path that our people have determined. In the negotiation process, we will continue to use all the methods and opportunities at our disposal in order to solve the existing problems,” the diplomat stressed.

The foreign minister also answered questions from the first Pridnestrovian people’s deputies. Most of the questions concerned the work of the on-site consular service point of the Russian Federation Embassy in Tiraspol.